Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Walk across the room, and a sure-footed even measured the way, the head remained high, his eyes burning with determination. But there is something interesting to Deepika Padukone who tells us that somewhere within that seemingly reserved for outside the home where a simple and shy 21-year-old girl, who can not wait to win the big world Bollywood villain.

Well, the hype around it is already there, and why not! In November 2007 Deepika will make her debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Farah Khan Om Shanti Om (OSO). Hype or no hype, Deepika is nonplussed. "Hype is great. Although I've never gone out of my way to generate" smiles Deepika with an intelligent view of all the rumors, she has collected. "To me, hype only means double the hard work and pushes me to work with even more intensity. But that apart, there is always hype because of the type of film OSO is. This is the best kind of debut I could ever ask -. It has everything! Good music , romance and to top it all SRK "

Although discreet in other films are available to her, Deepika agrees to spend at least three scripts a week. "But I did not sign the film from others. I can not think beyond OSO. You could say I'm having an affair with her," he said, the sparkle in her eyes brighter than ever.

What about some kind of agreement Ranbir Kapoor? "I will not deny that Ranbir is a part of my life," Deepika pauses, adding, "... but as a friend and nothing more. We spent some time together and I think when you're with a group of friends, with only two of us are familiar faces, speculation is bound to be there. And I'm ready for it. This is an integral part of the life of an actor. "

Censor rumors of a battle between Ranbir and bomb ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya, Deepika is dissatisfied with the mere mention of the alleged brawl. "Nihar and I can not see each other once, so there is no doubt the fight on me," said an exasperated Deepika. "Both Ranbir and Nihar come from good families, and both of them did not get into a fight -. publicly or privately, they are mature and smart enough not to fight for me."

Still friends, Nihar, Deepika is also hurt by reports that he "used his family to set up base in Mumbai." "That was the limit Nihar family does not like my family are my family and I am their daughter -. It does not matter if I see him or not," he says, that the same determination that seems to come from his trademark.

"Yes, I am a very determined person who puts his career first - above all things," she said pointedly. "Love and friendship can all wait. I lost many friends because this provision. Today my priorities are my career and my family and I will do everything to take care of two of them! "

Do not hesitate to show skin, or even a bikini on screen, Deepika seems a virtual breath of fresh air compared to the likes of "ask mummy!" Brigade. "I do not mind wearing a bikini, because I know I can win. I'm pretty sure I can do and what I can not. While I was like, okay," he said without blinking.

Her beautiful head firmly screwed on his shoulders, Deepika says it is ready for both bouquets and brickbats that may come his way. "I have a very long journey of my acting abilities. For me, failure and success are two sides of same coin, and accepting them both at the same time I believe that is what really shaped me as a person I am. So all I can say is Bring It On!

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