Latest Hairstyles 2011

The love and admiration for the different styles of fashion is constantly changing with time. Sometimes people just go back to the choice of the old days, while staying in touch with current trends. The man is always called to make inroads into all areas of work. Similarly, as barbers continue to develop the latest hairstyles, hairdressers prefer some give a touch of "eternal" hair with the mixture of contemporary design.

Just like sideburns came out of fashion a couple of years ago, bob hair style seems to have become a favorite among young people. Bob's friends have given a new name, which is now LOB. So those who love the bob hairstyle can now try out this latest hairstyles love to hit the city.

Men can try as many variations, not only is not the end of combing your hair in different ways. Men who prefer long cut hairstyles can try something that was not sports rock star. Jon Bon Jovi is a good example. For the summer, short hair is much better. Puli is the best option to beat the heat. For those who are not satisfied with the crew cut may be able to try a short hair - a hair style that makes it much smaller than the length of an inch.

You can see Eminem Caesar sports in which women keep quite warm. This is an interesting hairstyle in which hair is brushed down. Other celebrities who have reportedly sported this hairstyle is Russell Crowe in "Gladiator", George Clooney and Antonio Banderas. Short bangs sweeping in Caesar reduced to cover the front, using hair gel. It does not have much hair maintenance-free, and it seems sexy enough to attract the attention of women.

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